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Custom Farm Work

Services We Offer

Custom Bale Stacking

With the Mil-Stak PT/2016 large bale stacker we load and stack up to 120 large square bales per hour. Give us a call and let us come stack for you.



Servicing up to 20 miles surrounding Lake Lowell, charging $5.50 a bale. 

Custom Dirt Work and Planting

We have the best implements and technology available for vertical tillage corn program, as well as 20 years experience growing corn. We can take your corn to the next level of production!



Equipment and Implements 

JD 8270R IVT Transmission ILS Suspension with front and rear duals on 30" spacing

583 Horse Power JD 9630 weighted and balanced perfectly to get maximun power to the ground to do the best job possible with high draft loads when pulling the deep ripper and disc ripper. 

21 ft. Krause Disc Ripper

7 Shank Heavy Duty Koenig Deep Ripper

24 ft. Wischek Disc

34 ft. Landoll Vertical Tillage Disc

26 ft. Parma Ground Hog

12 Row Stack Fold Monosem Planter 30" spacing complete with precision planting upgrades

25 ft. JD 455 Grain Drill


9 Shank Dammer Dyker

State of the art Green Star GPS including pivot package. We don't need to farm out pivot tracks, allowing them to build a firm foundation year after year. 


Servicing up to 20 miles surrounding Lake Lowell, will negotiate price upon project. 

Case CX240 Excavator 

Case CX240 Excavator 

Hydraulic Thumb

30" 36" and 48" Buckets 

JD 824J Wheel Loader


Servicing up to 20 miles surrounding Lake Lowell, $125 per hour. 

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