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Mills & Co. Realty, Inc.

Mills & Co. Realty Inc.

P.O. Box 206

Middleton, ID 83644




     Founded and active in Middleton Idaho since 1971, Alan Mills of Mills and Co. Realty, has been in Real Estate for 48 years and is still going strong. Alan became interested in land use because of the changes that were affecting private property rights in a big way. Staying current as possible with water rights/water issues, zoning and subdivision ordinances and particularly the Comprehensive Plan are vitally important and central in our work.

     Land use and zoning involves the regulation of the use and growth of real estate. The most familiar form of land-use regulation is zoning. Zoning regulations and restrictions are used by municipalities to manage and direct the development of property within their borders. Since New York City adopted the first zoning ordinance in 1916, zoning regulations have been adopted by virtually every major area in the United States. 


     The Local Planning Act of 1976 put forth the beginnings of land use restrictions and Mills and Co. Realty has been involved ever since with any new changes affecting Canyon County property. Staying current with all the land use ordinances at the State and County level provide knowledge to our clients by planning for orderly growth and development through enforcement of County ordinances. Generally, people are not aware that they are losing their rights to property ownership because this can be a complex, lengthy process and it can be difficult to stay recent on all the changes to their ownership of land.  


     Combining 30 years of agricultural background and 48 years of extensive involvement with land use ordinances are just a couple of reasons why you can trust White Barn Real Estate, Mills and Co. Realty with all of your personalized real estate needs. From residential, 1031 exchanges, farm, land and commercial, let us provide the tools necessary so that you can buy and/or sell your property at its true potential. 

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