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Market Road Farm- Parma Idaho

SOLD! Market Road Farm-Parma, Idaho

MLS 98721809

Size: 260 Acres


Property Description: Beautiful 260 acre farm with 245 acres of water shares available from the excellent Black Canyon Irrigation District. Water costs are only $55.75 an acre per year. 6 center Pivots and water hydrants available on the corners between pivots for handline. Clemons screens at each pivot. Full circle pivots have triple drive tires on the towers. 3

centrifugal pumps, 15 HP, 20 HP, and 25 HP keep the power costs to a minimum to compliment the pressure from the gravity fall. This farm has been setup right! 


South Facing ground and rolling layout irrigated with 2 full circle and 4 wiper pivots. Handline fill in the small corners to complete the system. Tail Water Pond by Market Road catches run off from bubbler that feeds Main Pumps. 3 building lots available on property not currently being utilized.


Location Description: From Notus, W on 20-26 to Iverson. N Iverson 3.3 miles. W on Market .3 miles, Farm is South of road.


Taxes: Approximately $8249.48 in 2018.

Size: 259.56 Deeded Acres

Water Right:  230.6 permanent shares, plus 15 transferred annualy.

Elevation: 2410 Ft.


Pivot Summary:  Full circle pivots feature 3 drive tires on almost every tower except 1. Wiper pivots feature standard 2 tire base beams. All pivots have Clemons screens installed correctly before the hydraulic  shut off valves. Booster pumps for the endguns on full circle pivots. 3 of the wiper pivots use end guns without a booster. One 3 tower wiper pivot on east side of farm doesn't utilize an end gun.


Pivot Description:

1- North West Wiper. 2 Tower, End gun/no booster

2-North East Wiper.  2 Tower, End gun/no booster

3-North Full Circle. 7 Tower, Triple drive tires on all but 2nd tower. End gun/With Booster pump

4-East Wiper. 3 Tower, No End Gun

5- South Full Circle. 5 Tower, Triple drive tires on all Towers but 2nd from end. 2nd from end is a quad drive. End gun/With Booster.

6-South East Wiper.  1 Tower, End Gun/no booster


Main Pumps:

1-20 H.P. Centrifugal, 1-25 H.P. Centrifugal. Installed Side by side by weir.

Tail Water Pump:

1-15 H.P. Centrifugal. Installed under tail water pond to pump tail water from bubble screen back into system to eliminate runoff and utilize all measured water.

Hand line. Drop Lock Style:

230- 40 ft. Drop Lock handline included. 10- 20ft. end pipes. Various Valve openers, screens, 90's, 45's, and end plugs that go with handline.

3 tripods that utilize an end gun to irrigate off of hydrant, or end of handline.

Handline trailer on site does not go with property.


Aerial Footage of Market Road Farm


Farm, Land, Dairy and Residential Specialist 

Matt Wilke

Wilke, Matt headshot.jpg



This information is from sources deemed reliable but is not guaranteed by the owners, White Barn Real Estate or Mills and Co. Realty, Inc. Purchaser shall have the sole responsibility to inspect the property and inform himself of the true condition thereof. Purchaser accepts this responsibility before submitting any offer or executing any contract. This offer is subject to prior sale or withdrawal by owner or agent at any time. 


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